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Monday, January 6, 2014

So. Much. Snow!!

Living in Michigan, it's not unusual to have a "White Christmas" and to have the snow stick around until about mid-April. Winters get looooong around here. But this year, I think we've had as much snow in the past 3 weeks as we usually do in about 2 months!

Over the Christmas holiday, we had a HUGE ice storm. The Friday before Christmas I literally skated to my car because the parking lot was covered with about 1/4" of ice, and then I went about 35 mph on the highway all the way to work. My boss was actually surprised I made it in at all that day, not to mention I was only 15 minutes late...yesssss! This ice storm proceeded to knock out power across the state, meaning that both my parents and my in-laws were without power while we stayed with each of them for Christmas. It made Christmas feel not-at-all-like-a-normal-Christmas, but I was thankful for the time we got to spend with family - even if it was mostly by candlelight and flashlight :)

The winter storms are continuing to hit us - as I'm sure you know if you watch the news or Weather Channel at all - and today I'm home with a snow day! We currently have about 2 feet of snow on the ground and single digit temperatures with the windchill well below zero. BRR! Spring could come anytime now, and I'd be totally fine with it! But this snow day is wonderful gift, so I'm taking this extra day off to relax in new pj's, do a little cleaning, and watch movies with my hubby. Can't complain about that!

 Top left: New pj's from Christmas...a Big Bang Theory tee and fleece pants! Both my parents and my in-laws have a tradition of giving us "kids" new pj's on Christmas Eve. I think it tops my list of favorite traditions!
Top right: View out our front window: snow.
Bottom left: View out our back window: snow. 
Bottom right: Last Friday's temperature on my morning commute to work: -1 degrees!

1 comment:

Caitlin Finch said...

So glad you're back!!! I am also so glad to hear that you are surviving the snow!