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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Best Way to Spend a Weekend

Shopping! It's my favorite way to spend a weekend. Ok, any day really :) Last weekend I a day shopping with my mom, sister and aunt. We've made it a bi-annual event (sometimes three times a year, if schedules permit) and it's become one of my favorite weekends of the whole year. (last mentioned here) I love being able to spend time with my aunt, and finding great deals on new clothes or jewelry is an added perk :)

I bought some new workout clothes since my sister and I have kept up with our weekly workout, but my favorite finds of the day came from Old Navy. I wanted to buy this shirt in every color, but I stopped myself at two...for now. The in-store price was much lower than what it's currently listed for online. But seriously, the fit, the lace...it's perfect.
When I came home from this fun weekend, I was greeted with the best surprise ever. Without any prodding from me, Mike worked all day Saturday to organize the basement so that I could have a space for crafting and sewing! His mom came over and helped (because she is a master organizer) and the space looks SO good! We had pretty much decided to just leave the rest of our boxes unpacked in the basement (because we don't love the place we're renting, to say the least) but it left me without a room to craft. The space was overwhelming to me, so to have Mike and his mom selflessly spend their time to make it a useable space for me was so kind!
Now I can't wait to start crafting and make use of this space! Anybody need a personalized gift or have a Pinterest craft you think I should try?!

1 comment:

Cheryl said...

Yay for shopping! Yay for your new craft space! AND the workouts! Your blog is inspiring Stacey. Thanks!