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Friday, July 25, 2014

New Designs

In between staying late at work a few nights each and enjoying fun summer weekends with friends and family, I've managed to make a few new designs. It's essential to feed my creative side every now and again!

First up -  invitations! I was given very open-ended instructions to create something in neutral colors with a vintage feel. I love how these turned out, and especially love the softness that the doilies add to the design. Some gorgeous calligraphy-type text would make these invitations pop! Which one do you like best?
Then just last week, I helped my sister...well, let's be honest, I made this wreath for my sister. ;) We were inspired by the many Pinterest wreaths that feature large flowers and a cute letter for your last name. Shannon and I have been meaning to do this forrreeevvver. As in, we've had the supplies since January...but! Better late than never, and it's actually perfect timing since she can take down the cute 4th of July wreaths we made and keep this one up until late fall. Don't you just love the whimsy of these little flowers mixed with the large blossoms?!
More lovely designs to come soon...!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Two Easy Meals

I've probably cooked more in the past six months, than I have in my entire life. Don't be fooled...the meals are nothing too special but they sure do taste good! So I think that's enough to give myself a pat-on-the-back, right?!

My mom introduced me to this first meal, and we made it together at our cottage. Caprese Chicken! The flavor of the chicken is super delicious, but the melted mozzarella cheese is my favorite part! The recipe we used can be found here. And bonus...it's only 5 points on the Weight Watchers plan, so if you're needing to or wanting to watch your weight, this meal is perfect.
This second meal, Sweet and Sour Chicken, I found simply by Googling something like "easy dinner recipes." I knew Mike had had a long and frustrating day at work, so I wanted to surprise him by making dinner at home all by myself :) He had to eat it really fast so he could finish working from home, but he did say it tasted good (and appreciated me making it). And come on, any meal that uses chicken nuggets but makes them taste like they're not chicken nuggets is good in my book!
The recipe for the Sweet and Sour Chicken can be found here. One note: I substituted flour for cornstarch because it was cheaper and I knew I'd use flour again. Just use about 3 times more flour than what it calls for cornstarch, and cook a few minutes longer. 

Bon Appetite! (said in my best Julia Child voice!)

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Beautiful Bridal Shower

On Sunday I drove to Illinois for the day (huge thank you to my mom who drove along just to keep me company!) for my dear friend's bridal shower. Julie and I were sorority sisters in college, and I am so thankful for how our friendship has grown, even though we live many states away. I was so flattered when she asked me to be a bridesmaid in her wedding, and I'm grateful to be included in the events leading up to the wedding!
The beautiful bride-to-be and me.
Julie's sister didn't miss any details in hosting the bridal shower! Everything was so lovely. And I love that you can see how much these sisters love each other just by looking at this picture!
Each guest had a china plate to use that belonged to someone in Julie's family. Such a sweet touch!
I loved wrapping this gift and making the card, which made it extra fun to watch Julie open the gift.

I can't wait to see Julie and Andrew get married next month, and be a part of their special day!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

5th on the 4th (& the Best Holiday of the Year)

This 4th of July Mike and I celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary! We spent the weekend at my favorite place on earth, at my parent's cottage.

I've decided the best way to sum up 5 years of marriage is  "Princess Bride" style: MAWWAGE. Seriously...say it out loud. Pwactice it, if you will ;)
That priest just cracks me up... and saying MAWWAGE? It makes me smile and laugh; it can be a little challenging to say; it might make people look at you a little funny, but usually they'll join in the fun with you.

So isn't that a little like how real MARRIAGE plays out? It's fun and laughter and challenges and weird times and support from the ones you love. (Ahh, yes...cheesiness and puns fill my life with such goodness...movie quotes never fail me :) )
I love being in mawwage with Mike...my true wuv :)

Here's a look at the rest of our holiday weekend. July 4th is my favorite, favorite, favorite holiday :)

Top row: a twisted updo for day 3 hair / Shannon & Luke and Mike I surprised my parents with a new TV for the cottage / a braided half updo
Middle row: great fireworks and Americana decor
Bottom row: new movies / delicious shakes from Yeck's / I won in Scrabble...twice!