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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Fall Women's Event

Well, my mom did it again. Her fabulous decorating and hosting and making-other-people-feel-loved skills were all evident at the fall women's event she held for dear friends and women at her church.

We're talking seriously gorgeous decorations!
Side note: my brother-in-law Luke MADE that cross. So cool, right?!

With special details, like the vintage hankies and broaches that each of the 50 women got to take home as a favor.
Each woman made a Fall banner of their own. All supplies were pre-cut and ready to go in adorable gift bags. 
We listened to the wise words of Joyce Landorf and Sandy Patti. We dined on delicious soups and homemade breads and sweets. We laughed and cried as we spent the morning together in fellowship with each other and God.

My mom never gives herself enough credit for her wonderful talents. She'll never brag, so I'll do it for her :) I've got a prettttty sweet family if you ask me!

Friday, November 7, 2014

A Beautiful Wedding Weekend

It's always an honor to be asked to be a part of a friend's wedding, and this time was no exception. I was really humbled when Julie asked me to be a bridesmaid in her wedding over Labor Day weekend. I was humbled because I really love how close we have become post-college. It's not easy to keep a friendship going, much less strengthen it, when there are several states dividing you and "real world responsibilities" consume your time. A 40 hour work week can really mess up your social life, right?!

So that makes me extra thankful for friends like Julie, who is intentional in everything she does. I'm super glad I had a moment to tell her this at her rehearsal dinner, because I so admire the way she intentionally listens when you speak and invests in her friendships. And whenever she speaks - to me or to a group of people - I always want to stop what I'm doing to listen because what she says is truthful, sincere, and wise.
In her relationship with her new husband Andrew, I see her being the best version of herself. It's easy to see how much Julie and Andrew adore each other. And on top of that, they have so much fun together and with their family and friends.
The wedding venue for the ceremony and reception was absolutely gorgeous! Vintage pieces and family heirlooms decorated a large, but quaint barn. There was homemade jam as favors for the guests. Julie asked me to write the place cards and labels for the sweets table. There were two outdoor bonfires for s'mores. Everything was perfectly beautiful.
Mike and I both so enjoyed getting to spend time with them and be a small part of their wedding weekend. Congrats again, Julie and Andrew!!

Monday, November 3, 2014

Happy Fall Y'all!

It's really feeling like fall around here lately...from the cooler temperatures to the beautiful fall colors. Here's a look at a few fun fall projects I've made in the past month. So cute, so easy, and yes, you can do this, too!

A handmade sign for our front door to greet our (few-and-far-between) guests. If you're not into just free-handing it, here is an already compiled list of free printables you could use instead.
At the end of the summer, my friend Caitlin sent me home with a whole box of yarn and strict instructions to "make wreaths and sell them on Etsy." :) Well, the Etsy store is still to come, but one wreath is done for my personal collection, and with a new wreath stand I found on sale at Hobby Lobby, it's looking preeettttty cute on our front porch!
We didn't get any pumpkins this year, but I'm happy that these porch decorations will carry me through Thanksgiving. Do you decorate for the fall season or decorate for each holiday (Halloween/Thanksgiving)? Kudos to you that take the time to do both!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Recap of Visits with Friends

It seems a three month break is always enough of a break to get me wanting to return to blogging again. How many times is it ok to begin a post with, "I'm back!" ?? Whatever the number, I'm learning to continually give myself grace to enjoy blogging for my love of creative writing and crafts, and not to put pressure on myself to live up to any "blogging standards." I so appreciate when YOU, my loyal readers, encourage me to return to this space. (I'm talking to you, Aunt Lynn and Caitlin, to name a few!) I've always been an introvert, and I guess that holds true in blogging, that I'm grateful to have 10 loyal readers and don't need 1,000 followers to cheer me on. 

So let's jump back a bit, shall we? Mike and I traveled every weekend over the summer (literally, we had one weekend at home from May-August) but the miles on our car are totally worth the time spent with friends and family. Here's a sneak peak at some of my favorite summer memories :)

We didn't get a picture of the whole family, but Mike and I spent a Saturday with his family at a friend's wedding. We stopped by to see my dad after the afternoon reception, and he snapped a pic of me and Mike all cleaned up :)
Two August weekends were spent at my family's cottage with friends of ours. Our friends Ian and Abby joined us first, and out of all the fun games we played and bonfires we had, the only picture I have is of the boys losing in Scrabble! At least if Abby and I are not pictured, we can confidently say we won this game (even if we did lose all of the other yard games, haha).
Our friends Abby and Brad joined us next, and I love this traditional picture we've started doing with them! Actually, the tradition started back in college, but at least once a year, we try to do a group selfie picture to document our fun get togethers. This one just happens to be with the Mackinaw bridge in view...my fave!
In a weekend visit to our friends Caitlin and Colin, we enjoyed an evening outdoors at an ABBA tribute concert! The weather was perfect, and we really enjoyed the chance to catch up with dear friends we don't get to see often enough! The concert venue even had hot air balloon rides available, but we decided to save ourselves $20 each and just watch from the ground ;)
Lastly, let's just pretend this picture from September was taken on that summer trip with Ian and Abby ;) In reality, this picture was taken when Ian got a 3D TV and I just had to document how sweeeeet we all looked in the 3D glasses, haha!
I'm so thankful for these fun pictures with friends to remind me of what wonderful visits we've had with them! More blogging to come :) Stayed tuned for posts of a friend's beautiful wedding and a wonderful fall women's event!